January 4, 2020

Benefits of Coordinated Care

Living with a chronic or complex health care condition may qualify you to participate in Southern California Integrated Care Network’s Care Coordination Program. Care coordination is a special type of care provided to patients who require an extra level of support in order to maintain their health. Patients who suffer from chronic conditions typically need care from a wide variety of medical and mental health professionals, and sometimes even social services as well. Care coordination allows patients to seamlessly receive the care they desperately need. 


What is care coordination?

Care coordination is defined as: “the deliberate organization of patient care activities between two or more participants involved in a patient’s care to facilitate the appropriate delivery of health care services.” When a patient suffers from a very complex medical condition it is likely that they need the care of different types of medical specialists, a mental health professional, and sometimes even social services. In order to provide the highest quality of care for a patient with this type of need, all necessary providers work together to ensure the patient is getting the care they need. Through care coordination, all providers share important information regarding the patient, and have clear expectations regarding the role of each provider. 


How is care coordination beneficial to me or my loved ones?

Care coordination is extremely beneficial to anyone who has a chronic or very complex medical condition. Care coordination can also benefit the patient’s loved ones as well. Creating a clear plan of care for the patient allows the patient to feel confident knowing they are going to be well taken care of and educated on each aspect of their care plan. Additionally, care coordination allows loved ones to stay educated on the patient’s health, and reduces the need for family members to be the sole caregiver of the patient.  Since living with chronic illness can limit your ability to complete normal daily tasks, self-administer medication, and various other tasks, it is vital that chronically ill patients have all the support they need. 


Patients who participate in Southern California Integrated Care Network’s care coordination program can feel confident knowing they have a team of physicians working together to ensure the highest quality of care possible. If you have more questions about the program or if it is right for you, please contact us.